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By now we all know I am not down with movies.  I don’t watch them, I haven’t seen them, and I can only quote Tommy Boy or Will Ferrell movies.  But as a loyal Oscars watcher (for the fashion, duh) I am usually forced to learn a little about what movies have been popular in the last year.  Not that I like to follow the popular opinion, but asking if people know what cow-tipping is at cocktail parties kind of limits my scope of conversation.

So I found out about this movie Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire.  It seemed like a story I would like: moving, adolescent struggles, courage, blah blah.  And so I found it on OnDemand and watched it.  Except it turns out I already saw this movie.  In 1995.  When it was called “Dangerous Minds.”

A well-meaning teacher relates to the struggles of inner-city kids and helps them flourish.  Sorry Sapphire, but this has been done before.  And done better ala Michelle Pfeiffer. 

I get that weaving in incest is meant to make Precious more compelling, but really it didn’t.  And did anyone else have trouble understanding what the fuck Precious was saying?  I felt like an 80 year old woman living next to a highway my volume was up so high.  And I still missed half the dialogue.  Not that it effected my understanding of the story.

I will say that Monique was pretty awesome and while I didn’t see any of the other movies in her Oscar category, I feel the correct choice was made.  Gabourey Sidibe as best actress?  A think even a nomination for her was a little far fetched. 

So the next time I want a heartwarming story, I’ll watch Dangerous Minds.  Because honestly, incest cannot hold a candle to a Dylan-Dylan contest.

Things I Live For: Movies made in the mid-90’s; ketchup popsicles

Quote of the Day: “I will not go down under the ground ‘Cause somebody tells me that death’s coming ’round – And I will not carry myself down to die – When I go to my grave, my head will be high.” –Bob Dylan

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