I’m Back!

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And part of being back, means that I have once again incited someone to the point of leaving a dumb comment on my blog! Yay! At this point we all know I love it when this blog writes itself, especially during the busy holiday season!

The most recent comment comes to us from “me (at) fake (dot) com.” Come on, grow a pair and show yourself! Anyway, in regards to my bumper sticker help post (I went with a wild card: “Obama Spent my Change”) Mr/Miss Fake says: “You should probably go ahead and delete this blog. It’s impossible to be awesome when you’re a gun-toting, uninformed, right wing douche bag.”

Yes, I should just delete the whole blog for one small pseudo-political post I made out of 300+. I question what in that post rang to Me at Fake as “uninformed.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t taking a stance on or making any comments about any liberal or otherwise agendas. Rather, I believe the post was a comment on Obama and the fools that blindly support him because they don’t want to work or pay for anything. The ones that elected Obama because they believed he was going to hand them everything on a silver platter. And, this is not uninformed . . . tell me how many democrats that elected Obama made it back to the polls a month ago? That’s what I thought . . . those people, my friend, are the uninformed.

The cliche of gun-toting, uninformed, right wing douche bag is a little played out at this point. Please get a little more creative next time, and perhaps I won’t think you’re a super liberal whose computer access I am probably paying for.

Now let’s end this political drivel and get back to more important things . . .

Pet Peeve of the Day: Lack of creativity

Quote of the Day: “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” –Bob Marley

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