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President Obama’s appearance on the Daily Show (which I do not watch nor did I watch that episode except today on YouTube) last night roiled me to the point of finally pulling the trigger. I need to purchase my anti-Obama bumper sticker at last. I don’t need a joke of a president who goes on Comedy Central to appease his minions and try to maintain that rock start image he has thus far relied upon. Really, you have time in your schedule for THAT? The problem is, the joke is on us America. Now, there are SO many good bumper stickers out there. PLEASE, help me decide! Practice for 11/2 and VOTE below!

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D:

Option E (and my all time favorite, this was the OG of anti-Obama stickers):

All bumper stickers can be found at Cafe Press.

So which one is it gonna be??

Pet Peeve of the day: Getting denied healthcare. Thanks Obama. You nailed that one.

Quote of the Day: “Yes we can . . . BUT . . . it’s not going to happen overnight.” –President Barack Obama, 10/27/10

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  1. em on 2010.11.04

    so did you decide on one??

  2. Evan T on 2010.11.14

    you know I picked the last!

  3. Evan T on 2010.11.14

    Option E, all the way.

  4. me on 2010.12.05

    You should probably go ahead and delete this blog.
    It’s impossible to be awesome when you’re a gun-toting, uninformed, right wing douche bag.

  5. I’m Back! : How to Be Awesome on 2010.12.08

    […] (at) fake (dot) com.” Come on, grow a pair and show yourself! Anyway, in regards to my bumper sticker help post (I went with a wild card: “Obama Spent my Change”) Mr/Miss Fake says: “You should […]

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