Why I Hate Atheists

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Holier then the holiest of rollers, and certainly holier than thou, I give you atheists. They KNOW things whereas us believers just BELIEVE things. And they are adamant about this and will let you know. But how are they so sure that I’m some idiot because I believe in a higher power and engage in organized religion?

The answer may indeed be opposable thumbs. And I’m totally with them on that because goddamn if I don’t love my opposable thumbs. But why can’t I believe in evolution and God?

Mark Twain said “faith is believing what you know ain’t so.” I like this quote because I think it mirrors the complexities that comprise faith. Now, we could get stoned and talk about this quote for hours but we won’t at the moment. But I believe atheists lack faith–they have no faith in anything. And to me, that is sad. Yes, I have little faith in humanity, but I still have a LITTLE. I presume they have none because they need EVIDENCE for everything. Apparently a lengthy book is not good enough. That’s fine. Live your life like that. But I’m not gonna come to your little hipster pad and protest your choice to be an atheist so don’t

A man in my class the other day stated how he had to go to church at Christmas because it made his parents happy. But he relayed to the class what a maddening experience that was for him. Well what about how maddening it was for the fellow congregants to have to worship in the midst of someone who looks down on them and laughs at what they stand for? And to be honest buddy, if, at 38 years old, you’re going to church, doing something you hate to “make your parents happy” I’d say your issues run way deeper than organized religion and Yahweh.

Do atheists have an aversion to all art that depicts or discusses religion? Because wow are you guys not only really ignorant to the rights of others but also really culturally deprived.

So atheists–check yourselves. Or, you may want to take a page from our Book and learn a little bit about acceptance. Or maybe go off to some far end of the world with all your Democrat friends who also know that their way is the right way and fucking kick rocks.

Pet Peeve of the Day: See above

Quote of the Day: “Grace is all I’m asking, when will grace return” –Dave Matthews

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  1. emily on 2010.10.06

    love this one girlfriend! Did you see glee last night?? it was about religion….always a hot topic

  2. Es on 2010.10.06

    No man, I don’t watch Glee! But from everyone’s obsession with it maybe I should try it out…

  3. Yv- on 2010.10.06

    Go-eth. Watcheth Glee. You know you must—eth.

  4. steenzie on 2010.10.06

    I agree with you 100%!! There is nothing wrong in having a little faith… and I’d rather blindly have faith than be skeptical and think I have all the answers. BTW… Glee is actually pretty good, I caught up over the summer.

  5. adrian on 2010.11.11

    this is silly. im atheist im not a democrat i enjoy some parts of religion and i have faith in humanity. atheism means no belief in god, not faith, some religions are atheist. alot of people believe in evolution and god its usually religion that says you cant. so my point is atheism has no definition its just a label others put on it. thats like saying all theism is the same, c’mon no hate

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