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I saw some loser wearing his visor backwards the other day thinking he was cool. Then I was like wait! I know someone who does that. And when he does it, it is awesome. I wondered why that was so, and concluded it’s because 1) he’s my dad and he’s the shit, 2) street-cred, and 3) the ’70’s (because I feel as if that is where a lot of this stuff came from and he’s just single handedly carrying on the traditions of his 20’s and 30’s).

So I give you a list of things my dad does that are awesome, but if YOU did them, you’d be a d-bag.

  • Wears his visors backwards
  • Pops the collar on his Polo shirts
  • Wears pinkish colored Polo shirts with said popped collar
  • Rocks Converse Chuck Taylor’s (well if you do this you’re not a d-bag, just a stupid hipster. He is clearly neither)
  • Really enjoys the works of Tom Cruise
  • Requests (demands?) “Paint it Black” at every concert he attends (his own personal “Freebird” if you will…)
  • Lives in Wrigleyville. Actually, he was the pioneer of that neighborhood.

Clearly my dad has reached a level of awesomeness that we can only aspire to…

Things I Live For: My dad

Quote of the Day: “Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.” –Unknown

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