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So I was heading out of the city this past Saturday, a little later in the day, and as I drove down Lake Shore Drive I saw quite the sight on Lake Michigan. As I rounded the Oak Street curve, I saw about a hundred boats gathered in a small area on the lake about 20 feet from the shore. They looked as if they were going to be parked there for the remainder of the day.

Is this why people get a boat in Chicago? So they can take it a mile away from their slip to tread water in one spot all day? Why aren’t they cruisin’ the high seas, playing pirate and living the dream?

It seems a total waste of money, time, and resources. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these boats have a great view of our city and fabulous skyline. But it’s like buying a Mercedes for the sole purpose of gathering with other Mercedes at a country club parking lot.

So I think my envy of the city sailor’s life is done with. I’m more than happy to be a landlubber with a couple extra bucks in my pocket and an ignorance to rust.

Pet Peeve of the Day: When people dot i’s with little circles

Quote of the Day: “Forgive you why, you hung me out to dry / Maybe I’m crazy but laughing out loud makes the pain pass by.” –Dave Matthews

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  1. Mary Ann McCaffrey on 2010.08.02

    If Teej had a boat, he’d be on the high seas and I’m sure you would be his First Mate. We already have the flag!

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