I Got Owned Part IV

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God I fucking love it when this blog writes itself. Especially when I’ve been neglecting it because I have been so incredibly busy. This time, our friend Fred took time out to spread a little cheer.

In regards to my High Life post, Fred noted that “Its edition not addition as in limited edition. hahah!” He is right. And I am beyond embarrassed by that gaffe.

So I went to email him to thank him for pointing that out, but its turns out “screwyou@high.com” is not a valid email address. So Fred if you’re reading, I thank you. And also, I thank you for the lengths you went to leave that post.

In your internet search of “high life” (which, bravo buddy, time well spent on the internet), my blog post came up. Except when you clicked on it through the search engine, you discovered that it was a password protected post. So you went up to the top of my page and clicked on the link to find out the password. You obtained the password, entered it, and were brought to a post you were hoping was relevant to your search. But it wasn’t, because of an especially egregious word mix-up. So I apologize to Fred, and all other readers.

But Fred, it’s dedicated readers like you that keep this blog running, so thank you.

P.S. It’s “it’s ‘it’s’ not ‘its’ as in IT IS”

Pet Peeve of the Day: 90 degree weather!

Quote of the Day: “Nothing says anything but that which it wishes would come true, fears what else might happen in some other place, some other time, not this one.” –Robert Creeley

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