Good Weekend

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Two awesome things happened this past weekend. First, I got my first essay ever published. In the Chicago Sun-Times. Fuckin sweet.

And second, my new hero Spencer Pratt had two hilarious clips featured on The Soup:

Simply amazing. I think I may have to start watching The Hills. Is there anyway to just watch the Spencer parts?

Pet Peeve of the Day: People who do not love the endless entertainment that Speidi provide

Quote of the Day: “Facts are meaningless – you could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true!” –Homer Simpson

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  1. dylan on 2010.05.10

    yea, where do I get some of those crystals….

  2. stevey m in germany on 2010.05.13

    I have no idea who he is (i don’t watch tv) but was hilarious!

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