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Do you remember the Box music video channel?  It was fucking awesome and I know me and my brother requested our fair share of videos on it.  For those of you youngins or unhip, it was a music video station that “you controlled.”  You could call in (unbeknownst to your parents) and for $1.99 or something request a music video.  And they had EVERY music video known to man.  In fact, it was pretty gangsta.  I definitely recall requesting D.R.S.’s Gangsta Lean(which is on my iPod and should be on yours too…)

This is kind of a shitty video and is apparently from the UK but you still get the gist and memories:

Here’s a video not only showing how awesome the Box was, but how awesome 1993 was.  (It loads a little slow but have patience, it’s worth it!)  Why are there no more music videos in the world??

According to Wikipedia, the Box was bought by those fuckers at MTV in 1999 and became MTV2.  I guess MTV decided they didn’t want anyone showing music videos. 

Pet Peeve of the Day: The demise of music videos

Quote of the Day: “Baseball is dull only to dull minds.” –Red Barber

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