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I enjoy a good bumper sticker more than your average person.  I think they tell a lot about a person and help me determine who I have to cut off on the road or not. For example, the witty bumper sticker is always the way to go. The Anti-Bush or Honor Roll bumper stickers scream lame and you will be cut off or beeped at. (Remind me to one day blog about how I am bringing horn honking back–seriously when and why did people stop doing this???)

Anyway, an old bf had a bumper sticker that said “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.”  If that dog had been changed to cat I would definitely be rockin that bumper sticker.  Below, a few of my favorite (and a peek into my Republican-loving lifestyle!):

I had the pleasure of seeing this one in person once and I was dying laughing. Spot on!

I have seen this one before too.  (And to anyone taking notes on what to get me for Christmas…)

Hehehe… too soon? (There’s a similar one that says “if I’m paying your healthcare” too!)

Those crazy Canadians…


Anything that involves beating up hippies is good by me!

This one made me smile!  Cuteness.

I assume this one is only sold to Hummer owners.

Indeed.  Times a million.

Any funny ones you guys have seen out there that I’m missing??  (And by funny I don’t mean the “Re-Elect Gore ’08” ones…)

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