In Honor of 4/20…

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I bring you marijuana themed trivia:

1) What famous Austrian-American said about marijuana “that is not a drug. It’s a leaf?”

2) When was marijuana criminalized in the United States?

3) What are the 5 forms cannabis comes in?

4) How many states have legalized medical marijuana? Bonus points: name the states.

5) How did “four twenty” come to be a part of the cannabis culture? (This was a surprise to me… don’t know if I trust Wikipedia on this one.  I feel like some stoners just made the entry up cuz they couldn’t think if anything else…)

Essay Question: Is marijuana a gateway drug? Yes or no?

Pet Peeve of the Day: Squares. And to be fair, stoners. Walk the line people, walk the line.

Quote of the Day: “Grass is a dangerous drug that can lead to such permanent ill effects as loss of memory.” –Ronald Reagan

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  1. Es on 2010.04.20

    1) The governator

    2) 1937

    3) herbal, hashish, hash oil, kief, residue

    4) 14. AK, CA, CO, HI, ME, MI, MT, NV, NJ, NM, OR, RI, VT, WA

    5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_(cannabis_culture)

    Essay Question: NO NO NO!

  2. dylan on 2010.04.21

    where do i submit my essay?

  3. Es on 2010.04.21

    Hahaha you can email it to me for grading!

  4. mb on 2010.04.21

    and I thought Reagan had alzheimer’s all these years.

  5. Es on 2010.04.21

    Hahaha spot on mb, spot on!

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