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With all the hoopla surrounding Jared and $5 footlongs, it seems that Subway has been purposely distracting us so as to not notice the horrid crime that they have committed.  I am talking about that awesome little piece of bread that used to serve as the top of the sandwich.  The top was cut on both sides to produce a sort of delicious, bread strip.  Their bread is no longer cut like this.  Instead, the bread is cut in your run of the mill split down the side way.  (I tried to find a pic but this one was the best I could do).

I noticed this over the weekend when I watched Happy Gilmore.  As I watched Happy sling Subway sandwiches, I saw the long forgotten piece of bread!  And I wondered, WHY was this phased out?  And WHY hadn’t I noticed until now? 

Well, I probably have not noticed because ever since Quizno’s came on the scene, I’ve pretty much stayed away from Subway.  But why would you phase out such a revolutionary bread slicing method?  That piece of bread topping was admittedly an afterthought because your sandwich was already tucked neatly into the bread without any side spillage.  It wasn’t really holding anything together except the dreams of this ham-and swiss eating little girl. 

If I have to blame anyone, I will blame Jared.  He changed the face of Subway, so I can only assume this was one of the things on his to-do list.  Take out anything unique that may make you a competitor in the sub market.  It’s not like any new sub shop is going to open and offer delicious hot, toasty subs, so why continue on trying to have a hook? 

Jared may have succeeded with his weight loss, but he certainly failed Marketing 101.  And if not him, someone else.  And I want names.

Pet Peeve of the Day: See above

Quote of the Day: “Whoa, you’re telling us this book is filthy, inappropriate and made a guy shoot the king of hippies?!  Can we please read this, right now?!” –Eric Cartman

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  1. Yv- on 2010.03.29

    I, too, am a lover of the little piece of bread. But it changed before Jared became the spokesperson i believe. I was outraged when they did it. Outraged, I say!

  2. eva on 2010.04.06

    I knew something was different about my sandwiches!
    Yea now everything just falls out the side, all the fixins just squish out.
    We should start a petition.

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