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What ever happened to music videos? (Reuben Studdard has a cameo, lol!!)

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funny pictures of cats with captions

Pet Peeve of the Day: How nice weather brings out every shit’s piece driver in the world

Quote of the Day: “I think I thought I saw you try.  But that was just a dream.” –R.E.M.

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  1. Yv- on 2010.03.19

    1. Daniel Tosh is so hot. I’m so glad you post his shit. it’s so damn funny.
    2. DMB videos always make me so damn happy. No matter what.
    3. Stefan looks so old. He’s all grown up now! I still remember when he was just a teenager and playing. *sigh* I like his new glasses though.
    4. Cat macro FTW

  2. Es on 2010.03.19

    I know, I am in love with Daniel Tosh. Hilarious AND cute… the kind of guy I can get on board with!

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