Census 2010

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I got my census form in the mail the other day– this is my first census ever and I am verrrrrry excited!  I also contemplated being a census taker because they pay good money, you can work part-time, and pretty much any American can qualify… but alas I never got around to it, and turns out I wouldn’t have time anyway.  My hope was to stumble upon a household such as this:


“Don’t push your politics on me pal!”  Love it!

Things I Live For: Ludacris on the Martha Stewart show (honestly I think he is one of the most common guests); Having had my windows open for three days straight

Quote of the Day: “Oh baby don’t it feel like heaven right now, don’t it feel like something from a dream — Yeah I’ve never known nothing quite like this don’t it feel like tonight might never be again.” –Tom Petty

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