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The constant question of  “can people change” has been predominately taking over my life lately.  I believe that people can, but only if they want to.  Or, if there is a reason they want to change their life, their situation, or whatever.  How can you resist a valid, powerful reason for change that would positively effect your life?

For example, I have surprised myself by changing in these ways:

Last summer I went to U.S. Cellular Field for a White Sox game.  I swore I would never go to that hell hole.  But they were playing the Cubs, the tickets were free, and the company was fun.  Thus, I had a reason to enact that change.

Further, I used to abhor cream cheese.  But as someone who doesn’t eat eggs, I am left with very few breakfast options.  A bagel and cream cheese would seem to be the most ideal on-the-go choice.  And yet, I insisted on butter with my bagel, fearing the consistency and weirdness of cream cheese.  But when I discovered that places such as Dunkin Donuts thought that 2 packets of butter could cover an entire bagel, it was time to reevaluate.  I found out there was something known as garlic-herb cream cheese.  I could eat garlic in an acceptable way in the morning!  What better reason for change?  And so, I now love cream cheese.

I love winter, but have never been a fan of spring.  Well, Chicago springs, which are weird and pretty much non-existent.  So I have always opted for snow throughtout the month of March, and then April to come with lots of sunnieness.  I have no problem with snow through April as well.  May is when it all happens as far as I’m concerned.  So you will not find me cursing the weather gods if white flakes should fall for weeks to come.  Except, this is the first year in my life that I can recall desperately waiting for spring.  I cannot wait for baseball, for drinking outside, for drinking 40’s on porches, for wearing flippies.  I have never been so excited for spring in my life and I didn’t really know why.  But I think it is the sense of possibilities, the sense that spring brings in new things, new loves, new friends, new anything.  And so, since 2010 has been shitty thus far, I eagerly await spring!

The examples could go on, but I think I have scientifically proved that yes, people can change.  It’s just a matter of if they want to or not.  And it’s the saddest, most heartbreaking thing in the world to see someone resist necessary change, especially with regards to relationships.  And especially when you’ve done everything you can yet you’re not getting anything back or even being close to being met halfway.  Not that I’m talking about something personal or anything… 

But perhaps I just need to remind myself of the definition of insanity– “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  And remind myself of these words from Dave Matthews– “some people change, and some people won’t.”  I’d like to think there is still hope because I mean really, if I can like cream cheese… But insanity cannot prevail.  It will not. 

Things I Live For: Foggy days; dependability

Quote of the Day: “No rest without love– No sleep without dreams of love– Be mad or chill, obsessed with angels or machines– the final wish is love.” –Allen Ginsburg

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  1. evan on 2010.03.15

    Good post. Thoughtful, reflective, humorously self deprecating at times but in the end uplifting and satisfying.

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