DIY Kitchen Window

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All of the lovely ladies whose craft/decor blogs I follow always highlight their mantles.  And they are always so awesome and wonderfully decorated.  Alas, I lack a mantle.  Such is the life of a condo dweller.  So, I spruced up the window above my kitchen sink as my makeshift mantle:



I have had a recent obsession with colored glass, my favorites being the light blue mason jars.  Luckily, my antique spot in Indy sells them for cheap.  I’ve seen them on Etsy and in Chicago antique stores for a lot more money than is necessary.




bThe frames to the left are dollar store frames.  On the top and bottom ones I took old sheet music and made it the base, then cut out the fleur de lis with my Cricut and modpodged it on.  The middle frame I covered in burlap and hot glued old keys I picked up at an antique store.  (Another craft I’ve seen circulating around blog-land.)  Antique keys similar to these sell at Pottery Barn for $19 for 7.  Mine are way cheaper, and way more authentic! 















The birdhouse I got at Michael’s for a dollar.  I spray painted it Robin Egg Blue and then distressed it with a brown stain.











I love how the light from the window shows through the glass.







I would also like to add that the plant is from Ikea that my mom got me when I first moved in.  That’s right– I have kept this baby alive for almost three years!!


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