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OMG, call the cops!!  Small Wonder (Season 1) has just been released on DVD!  The DVD gods read my mind!!  Now if they could just get Sisters on DVD, I’d be set. 

After watching this intro, I’m still trying to decide who was more annoying, Harriet or Jamie.  Thoughts?

 This got me to thinking of shows and intros I used to freakin’ live for.

The legend of all legends:


One of the cooler ones:


I spent wayyyyy too much of my youth watching Ricki Lake (FF to 1:15 for the intro):

One of a kind:

Can’t forget my favorite cartoons:


God I could go on forever:

Hahaha Doug was awesome!! I miss Skeeter, he was such a crazy mug:

Such a weird show.  A weird show I could never miss:

Ok, I think I have to stop myself here.  But you see the point, they just don’t make ’em like they used to!!

Pet Peeve of the Day: Winter Olympics that aren’t Figure Skating

Quote of the Day: “Do you think it’s trendy for young kids in Japan to get tattoos of words written in English? Do you think they’re walkin around over there ‘Hey Kim check this out I just got this yesterday, it means love and water'” –Daniel Tosh

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