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Because of the invention of cell phones, hand-less headsets, blue tooth etc. some people seem to be talking on their mobiles more than ever. I am thinking specifically of cab drivers and postal workers.

Whenever I get in a cab, the cabbie is always involved in some seemingly in-depth conversation. Whenever I pass a postal worker on the street I briefly think they are addressing me until I realize that they are on the phone. These two groups of people are constantly on the phone and I want to know who the fuck they are talking to.

I would venture to guess that cabbies are talking to other cabbies and postal workers to other postal workers. Because honestly, who has that much time to spend on the phone. I am talking hourson end. Not even someones mother would want to be on the phone with them for that long.

What earth shattering news must you relay as soon as it happens? These people must seriously have the most drama filled, exciting lives. Cabbie–did you pick up a crazy drunk in Wrigleyville? Postal worker–did you get into a near altercation with an ornery dog? I mean really, we’ve heard it all before, and so have the people on the other line. So do us all a favor, hang up the phone and do your job.

Pet Peeve of the Day: See above

Quote of the Day: “If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed.” — Kate Halverson

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  1. Stantly on 2010.02.17

    I highly agree with the above. I think that blue tooth headsets are extremely rude! Unless you are alone in your car driving you have no business using them. Are your hands always so full that you can’t possibly hold a telephone to your ear for the average 45 seconds a phone call takes (or should take in my opinion) or are you just too lazy to reach that far? I used to have a neighbor I would pass when I would walk my dogs and he would be outside. More than once I caught myself saying “Hi” to him and then saying “Excuse me? What?” because I thought he would be a friendly neighbor and say “Hello” back, but he brushed me off both times pointing to his idiotic blue tooth sticking out of his head! Get a clue people! I think they are all just closet Trekkies that desperately want to yell “Beam me up, Scottie” but have to settle for hour convos with Grandma about if they’re wearing the undershirts she sent them so they won’t get cold in the winter. Boo.

  2. Es on 2010.02.17

    Hahaha I love it Stantly!

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