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Along the lines of  “if you have nothing nice to say,” Steve T. brings us this gem:

“Submitted on 2010/02/12 at 11:48am by stevet@yahoo.com

If you aspire to be taken seriously as a writer, I recommend learning when to use and when not to use an apostrophe. Nuke them from the days of the week in all of your blog subjects. Please.”

There are three things to note.

1) If you are truly trying to pass on friendly advice, nuke the first part of your first sentence Stevie.

2) I went to school at Francis W. Parker and therefore I never learned grammar and will openly admit it. I also never learned geography.

3) An apostrophe is used to indicate possession. In the instance of “Random Shit Friday’s” which I presume our friend Stevie is referring to, it is a weekly round-up of Friday’s Random Shit. So really, the apostrophe is appropriate. Perhaps the sentence structure is not, but such is life when you are trying to coin a catchy blog phrase. Sue me. And while you’re at it, sue T.G.I.Friday’s.

Pet Peeve of the Day: The souvenir guy at Wrigley/Beer vendor at United Center.

Quote of the Day: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” –T.S. Eliot

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  1. Yv on 2010.02.14

    “And while you’re at it, sue T.G.I.Friday’s” – made me lol

  2. em on 2010.02.15

    he really said nuke….love it!!!

  3. Matty on 2010.02.26

    C’mon es! The souvenir guy at Wrigley? You have to admit that if you were making a toddler HowToBeAwesome Guide you might put “having a blue and red foam bear claw” on the list. That guy is just doing his job to assure awesomeness on the North Side for years to come…

  4. Es on 2010.02.26

    There is a story here Matty, there is a story. This is not arbitrary. And it actually involves him in his Bull-vending capacity…

  5. evant on 2010.03.04

    Not only did I attend FWP, I attended a Montessori school before that; hence;
    1.) I cannot read
    2.) I cannot write
    c.) I cannot do math
    4.) I sure do fell good about myself.

    P.S. I scored a 92 on the living room test; Although if you replace “motorcycle in living room” with “bicycle” I can chop off another 30 points. There’s one in the bedroom to…

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