Living Room Test

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In the awesome English class I am taking (Common Knowledge & Cultural Capital), the professor mentioned the “Living Room Test” where supposedly, you can gauge what class bracket you fit into by taking stock of the items in your living room.  Each item is assigned points and you add and subtract as necessary. I found the test online and it was quite amusing. I urge you to take it yourself here.

I have discovered that, alas, I am working class. Odd,  because I don’t have a job. Anyway, the things that really lowered my score were things that I would NEVER think to take out of my living room! For example, “original paintings, drawings, or prints by family members” was a deduction of 4 points. The print I have hanging in my house was done by me back in high school under the pseudonym of “Psychedelic Genius,” and I am proud to display it!

My art (or as the test would probably put it, “art”) got me into trouble again. My pottery, or, “works of sculpture made by householder or family member” got me 5 points taken off!

Further, you are to deduct 3 points for each family foto! I love fotos!!! All my fotos almost resulted me being in the lowest of low classes. Thank god for all my books.

So you’re probably wondering, what items determine whether you are a part of the upper class. Well, obviously, a “potted citrus tree with midget fruit growing” means you roll with the crème de la crème!

But unfortunately, those plastic slipcovers, pieces of art featuring cowboys and cellophane covered lampshades mean you’re just like me, a total bum and quite obviously working class.

I found this whole test interesting because I really thought (for some dumb reason) that it might actually work. I guess it would work though if you were to give it to people without any individuality, personality, or life about them…

Pet Peeve of the Day: Jersey Shore, the tv show, and the fact that it is for some reason becoming a cultural phenomenon. Why are we giving these people attention????????

Quote of the Day: “I live for the day when there’s nothing in our way.” –Jimmy Buffett

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