Plant Stand Re-Do

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After taking my Christmas tree down, I didn’t want to put the lamp I had in its spot back.  So that left me with a rather large empty space in the corner of my living room.  I decided a plant stand for one of my plants would be the perfect solution, except all the stands at Target were too expensive.  I mean honestly, it’s a freakin slab of wood with legs, nothing special.  The cheapest option was like $40+, not in my budget at the moment.  So I went to the Village and scored this perfect, basic plant stand for $8:

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The color was too light to match with my other dark brown furniture so I had to paint it.  I wanted to spray paint it, but alas they don’t sell spray paint in the city and I didn’t feel like trekking out to the suburbs.  So I painted on a white base coat that I had on hand:

end of 09-2010 076










And then covered that with a dark brown paint (it’s not this shiny, must have been the flash):

end of 09-2010 077










And here it is in my living room.  For what it is (basic) and what it cost me ($10 after paint, etc.) I am quite pleased with it:











 I am submitting this project to Do It Yourself Day over at A Soft Place to Land.  It’s an awesome craft blog I suggest you check out!!


Pet Peeve of the Day: Pizza cut “New York” style

Quote of the Day: “I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.” –e.e. cummings

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