Phone Books

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Why do phone books still exist?  At the turn of the new year, our building was delivered 30+ phone books.  They sat there.  And sat there.  Until our management company came to clean up the place and kindly threw them yellow_pagesaway for us.  Who uses a phone book these days?  And why are they automatically delivered to homes?  If you truly want one, they should have you request it.  In a time when we are doing everything to go green, it seems eliminating the phone book would be a good way to save trees.  I cannot rememeber the last time I looked something up in an actual phone book.  Please, please, please eliminate these wastes of trees, time, and energy. 

The last person I saw use a phone book was Phoebe’s grandma on Friends. She compared the obituaries with her phone book and “updated” it that way. Even she didn’t have a need for a new phone book every six months!

After doing a little research on this, I found a place you can sign up to opt out of receiving these horrible things! I urge you to do so here!

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