I Got Owned…

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Hahaha this is good stuff.  This is a comment submitted to my “Reflecting on 2009” post that I thought worthy of sharing via post (as I marked it as spam in the comments section):

“Submitted on 2010/01/05 at 2:18am by chercol@gmail.com Chercol

As i’m Awesome and you’re NOT, i’ll take a minute to spread the awesomeness of me, and let you know why you’re totally awesomeless….

I began reading this article, looking for new ways to enhance my awesomeness (awesomeness has levels/degrees). A couple of seconds into the article (January) I realized how awesomeless (and stupid) the author is. He says: Turned 26 (sayonara quarter century!) but he hasn’t figuerd out that he actually finished the quarter century a year before at his 25th birthday… when one turnes 25, it means one has lived 25 years, i.e., you finished living your 25th year the day you turn 25 or commonly celebrate your 25th birthday (you moron)… so at your 26th birthday you had lived a quarter of a century + 1 year, and you’re actually beginning to live the 27th year of your life! Get it?… Well, that’s all… i’m leaving this site before it drains out all my awesomeness”

I feel honored that this person  took so much time at 2 in the morning to set me (a guy?) straight!  And the only thing I will add is, if you have to search the internet for ways to be awesome, god bless you.  It’s people like you, who take me literally, that make the world turn ’round!  Thanks mate, and Happy New Year to you!!

Pet Peeve of the Day: Text message abbreviations (lol, cuz, b/c, l8tr, etc…) used in real life, i.e. email

Quote of the Day: “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” –Bob Seger

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