Trivia Tuesday’s

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Trivia is just another form of random shit, so you know I love it.  Useless knowledge can help you impress people, or win shots at a bar.  It’s win-win all around.  So try your hand at these questions… NO GOOGLING!!!  I’ll post the answers in the comments section later today…

1) What disorder’s names is derived from the Greek word meaning “without appetite”?

2) What nationally observed day in the U.S.  marks winter’s midpoint?

3) Where is the lowest point of the Western Hemisphere?

4) Chicago based architect, Adrian Smith, who designed the recently finished and worlds tallest building, the Burj Dubai, graduated from what University?

5) What was installed in front of major league baseball fences in 1950?

Things I Live For: Flannel sheets; Helen Keller jokes

Quote of the Day: “Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to  marry.” –Gloria Steinem

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  1. stevey m in san diego on 2010.01.05

    1. anorexia
    2. valentines day
    3. death valley (although lions on sundays in the fall is a close second)
    4. Seeing as you came up with the question…ill go with UIC
    5. Warning track

  2. Es on 2010.01.05

    Oh Stevie, you’re soooo very close again!
    2 = Groundhog’s day!
    Love your comment on #3
    and Hell yeah #4 is UIC! What what!

  3. stevey m in san diego on 2010.01.06

    i can’t believe i would miss a question that is a bill murray movie…very poor showing on my part!!!

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