The Shining

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Ahhh the day has finally arrived.  The day I force myself to watch The Shining.  It is one of my all time favorite movies (in the top 5 along with Tommy Boy, Old School, Jackie THE_SHINING-31Brown, and Field of Dreams) and I watch it every year around Halloween.  I absolutely HATE scary movies so it’s pretty crazy that this is one of my favorite movies.

Whenever I tell people I don’t like scary movies but I watch The Shining  and it is my fave, they’re like what that is the scariest movie ever.  I have never understood this.  It is psychologically scary, yes I will give you that.  But it is nothing like Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I almost died watching I was so scared).  And, I think theshiningthe Blair Witch Project is WAY scarier than The Shining, although actually a little less than I previously thought because I just discovered a few years ago that it wasn’t real and that those people are actors… 

Anyway, The Shining!  Shelley Duvall!  Legendary.  Scatman Crothers!  His name is SCATMAN!  And I need not mention the legend himself Jack Nicholson.  Oh I cannot wait to watch!   

This trailer is pretty clever/hilarious (please note: if you have not seen the movie do not see it based on this trailer.  You will be like WTF). 

Now compare that with this:

Oooooh gives me shivers!  I cannot wait to watch!!

Also check this link out: The Shining in 30-Seconds with Bunnies.

Pet Peeve of the Day: Brian Urlacher’s broken wrist

Quote of the Day: “How could you have such horrible instincts and survive this long.” —Black Sheep

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