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Yay, Halloween is almost here!!  It’s certainly feeling very fallish and Halloweenish in Chicago and I’m loving it!  The clip below is the beginning to my very favorite Halloween special as a kid: Disney’s Halloween Treat.  Unfortunately the special is not available on DVD.  My mom taped it off Disney way back in the day and that’s how we would watch it, but I do not know where that VHS is!!  This is doubly horrid because that tape also has the only video of me as a child, which is a legendary clip in its own right.  Anyway, do any of you remember this special?


Actually this is an awesome clip too, Mad Madame Mim, my favorite!! (I don’t remember the talking pumpkin though, I remember a creepy man in a mirror).


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Pet Peeve of the Day: The laborious duty of swapping out my summer clothes for winter clothes, which I must do today

Quote of the Day: “We are more curious about the meaning of dreams than about things we see when awake.”  –Diogenes

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