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I know you all have probably already seen this, but considering my brother just discovered it like a month ago there’s a chance you have been in the dark as well:  Texts From Last Night.  I just pray one of my Schlagger induced texts don’t end up on there…

And in case you haven’t linked this up from my Blog Roll, (and you hate hipsters/Wicker Park/etc. as much as I do) you simply must go here:  Look At This Fucking Hipster.

To encourage my Francophile-ness, I like to study up on this list hoping to use these words in real life: List of French Words and Phrases Used By English Speakers.  It is quite comprehensive; c’est magnifique!

This is simply the most legendary website I have ever seen: Jewgle.  Go ahead, Jewgel something, it’s fucking jokes!

Any other awesome websites out there that I haven’t discovered yet??

Pet Peeve of the Day: Being treated like a child in grad school

Quote of the Day: “Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” –Tom Robbins

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  1. Yv on 2009.10.15

    Another awesome one:
    (though there’s something wrong…he hasn’t posted in a month since his book actually came out. but there’s still hours worth of fun reading.)

  2. secret lover on 2009.10.15

    awkward family photos, not sure the exact link, but google it….ooooo and peopleofwalmart.com

  3. James on 2009.10.15

  4. Es on 2009.10.15

    Thanks guys!! FU Penguin is HILARIOUS!! That is my kind of blog so thanks for that Yvonne! James and Secret Lover, I have never seen people of wal-mart before, but now my life is complete!! Great stuff!!

  5. stantly on 2009.10.15

    check out the married to the sea, superpoop, and toothpaste for dinner links on her site too. funny.

  6. Lena on 2009.10.23

    peopleofwalmart.com entertainment for hours.. and i know you will appreciate this, brings back memories of South Haven walmart trips!

  7. Lena on 2009.10.23

    oh someone beat me to it..still

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