Decision Day!

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I cannot believe this day is finally here, but Decision Day is TOMORROW!!!  We will know if the 2016 Olympics will be in Chicago TOMORROW.  I remember a few years ago seeing this date and thinking it would never get here.  I hope there will be good news to report tomorrow…  I’m going to head down to the rally in Daley Plaza tomorrow morning and “let friendship shine!”  Go Chicago!!

Things I Live For: People who back the bid

Quote of the Day: “In the twilight, it was a vision of power.” –Upton Sinclair

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  1. novelista barista on 2009.10.01

    COOL! let us know!!!

  2. Yv on 2009.10.01

    I can’t wait either! The rally sounds fun. If I get my ass up early enough, maybe I’ll head down there too.

    That first video about Burnham’s plan is awesome. We sang a piece that was based on that exact quote this summer in Millennium Park. You actually see the orchestra and conductor at 2:24!

    And seriously, how could they NOT pick us?

    (Ok, and who is that HOT fireman in the second video? *sigh* I love this city.)

  3. Mary Ann McCaffrey on 2009.10.01

    Love the Olympics! Would love to have them here, but I’m so afraid of how it will be paid for. I’m so sick of being taxed to death by Daley and Stroger.

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