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One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I stumbled out of my house towards Walgreens for some much needed G2 Grape Gatorade.  Upon exiting the Walgreens, I saw a poster propped up against a tree.  It said “Expose Yourself to Art” and had a picture of a dude flashing a statue.  (See pic).  I thought that this was one of the most hilarious things I had ever seen.  While no one was standing by the poster guarding it, I figured some rando art person had put it there to inspire the community.  Not being one to rain on someone’s culture parade, I laughed, left the poster where it was and continued my walk back home, chugging the delicious Gatorade.

I was about halfway down the block when this exposeyourselftoartold lady walked past me rather hastily.  I recognized her as being another patron in Walgreens moments ago.  In her hand was a folded cardboard sign.  It was folded haphazardly so I was able to recognize it as the exposure to art poster.  She seemed in a bit of a rage and I was curious to know what she was going to do with the poster; she certainly did not seem like the owner of it.

So I walked a little slower and watched her continue down the street.  About a half a block before I had to turn down my street, I watched with horror as she threw the sign into a nearby construction dumpster.  After waiting for this crazy lady to turn the block, I crossed the street and retrieved the poster from the dumpster, happily amazed that I was now the proud owner of this sign.

I assume that the lady was somehow offended by the sign, which is lame, but without her being offended, I never would have been able to obtain the sign.  It would have sat there under that tree and I never would have known what became of it.  Instead, after a little tape job (thanks to that lady’s reckless handling of the sign), I am now able to proudly display this poster in my home!

Pet Peeve of the Day: The awesome decision the Geek Squad made to only backup half of my iTunes library.  How did they know I wanted nothing to do with the a million Tom Petty songs I had?

Quote of the Day: “When the morning gathers the rainbow, want you to know I’m a rainbow too.” –Bob Marley

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