I’ll Be Back

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Ok, so my confuser is still with the Geek Squad.  The computer I got TWO months ago had a bunk hard-drive so I need a new one installed and all my data transferred over etc etc and it’s just annoy2k.  Obviously I have found a temporary solution thanks to the IT guy at my dad’s firm, but it’s not the same blogging from this one.  Plus I had all my truly awesome shit stored on my old comp.  So hopefully I will be getting it back soon.  In the meantime check out this legendary cartoon I have been trying to locate for years.  (Thank you Biggie!)  Also, if you know who Jais is, you will probably recognize this as he played it before almost every movie:

Things I Live For: Jukeboxes; Shooting stars

Quote of the Day: “Real love is a man’s salvation – the weak ones fall – the strong carry on.”  –Tom Petty

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