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Saturday is International Bacon Day!!  YUM!  Grilled cheese with bacon is my personal fave bacon dish, but after checking these out, I my have to expand my horizons (click on the title for the recipes):

Bacon Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Mac and Cheese











Peaches and Bacon Panini









Bacon Apple Pie









Bacon Potato

bacon potato











And to end with a bang… Chicken Fried Bacon










For more ridiculously gluttonous bacon dishes, go here.

Things I Live For: Leggings; Labor Day weekend

Quote of the Day: “Real love is a man’s salvation, the weak ones fall, the strong carry on.” –Tom Petty

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  1. Tim C on 2009.09.03

    I may have to give these bacon dishes a try, as I too am quite found of the deliciousness.

  2. Mary Ann McCaffrey on 2009.09.03

    Remember the bacon wrapped around a Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel snack that Teej invented during the Bears game?

  3. Trouble on 2009.09.03

    Bacon Apple Pie??!! I’ve heard it all now! 🙂

  4. Es on 2009.09.03

    No MA I do not remember that but it sounds delicious!! He’ll have to whip some up this season…

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