Back to School

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School is finally starting!!  It starts today, but technically for me, tomorrow.  I cannot wait, I have been waiting all summer for this!  It has got me thinking of the things I used to love about going back to school…

In grade school it was getting new school supplies.  New pens, binders, highlighters, a compass, calculator and other “mandatory” shit that really somehow never got used.  In my house it was never really about the back to school wardrobe as it was the items we needed for school. 

College back to school days were the best.  My very favorite day in the whole wide world is syllabus day.  In one day you do nothing, but find out so much: how many classes you can skip without it affecting your grade, if there will be pop quizzes, if tests will be open book, how many papers you’ll have to write, etc…  So that takes up about 15 minutes and then class is dismissed, extending your final days of summer.  And the professors who tried to do something on syllabus day…  well then you knew you needed to drop their class ASAP!!!  When I am a professor, I will never do a lesson on syllabus day.  I may however do an awkward “introduce yourself” thing… it’s like a rite of passage in college right?  You try and act all cool but really it’s awkward and you hate your teacher for requiring it.  Ah… to see college freshmen squirm!

Do you have any back to school memories or tips you’d like to share with me??

Pet Peeve of the Day: The feeling I have that syllabus day does not exist in grad school…

Quote of the Day: “Time passed with amazing grace, back where I come from.” –Kenny Chesney

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