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So I was just going through my iTunes because I was downloading some songs that I realized I didn’t have amongst the 1300+ songs already on t here.  These weren’t glaring omissions, just some awesome songs that have somehow gotten left off my iPod, such as Time Will Tell (Marley), and Forever (Ben Harper).  Not obvious songs, but faves of mine.  However, upon further inspection, I saw that my iPod lacked some very fundamental jams.  For a moment, I felt like my awesome card should be revoked.  While they are more of the commercial songs of the artists that I have, I cannot believe that I did not have the following on my iPod (I mean honestly, I fucking have Go Cubs Go by Steve Goodman on my iPod.  I am such a tool.) :
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)—  Ummm…. where have I been?  Obviously not getting high in high school anymore.  But seriously, this is the most basic song for any classic rock fan, am I wrong?
The Wind (Cat Stevens)—  I pretty much love every Cat Stevens song and have quite the collection.  Except I apparently didn’t have one of the most beautiful songs ever. 
Rubber Soul, the entire album (The Beatles)—  I think I have stressed that I am not a huge Beatles fan but this is one of the greatest albums there is.  And I pretty much love every song on it.  As an aside, did you know that you cannot download Beatles songs on iTunes?? 
The Weight (The Band)—  It’s like I’m trying to forget that I was at Woodstock.
Fire (Jimi Hendrix)—  See above.
Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah)—  Holy shnikes I heard this in some store the other day.  I forgot how awesome it was.  I’m sure my iPod would have survived without it, but that’s a risk I’m no longer willing to take.
How many songs do you have on your iPod?  Is there anything you’ve unknowingly omitted??
Things I Live For: Summer mornings when I roll out of bed and only need to put my swimmers on for the day; my brand new CTA U-Pass
Quote of the Day:“I try to find my friends, but they’re blowin’ in the wind.” –TuPac
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