Trivia Tuesday’s

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Trivia is just another form of random shit, so you know I love it.  Useless knowledge can help you impress people, or win shots at a bar.  It’s win-win all around.  So try your hand at these questions…. NO GOOGLING!!!  I’ll post the answers in the comments section later today…

1) What are the only 2 words in the English language that contain “a e i  o u” in their proper order?  Hint: one of the words can be used to descride me on a fairly regular basis 😉

2) What brand of underwear does Marty McFly wear in Back to the Future?

3) What mobster said “I’ve been accussed of every death except the casualty list of the World War?”

4) What is the southern most state capitol of the contiguous United States?

5) What sitcom, which premiered in 1988, featured the character known as Dr. Harry Weston?  (Goddamn this was one of the greatest shows ever!  I used to always watch it when my brother and I stayed over at my grandma’s house.)

Things I Live For: The smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap; Cider doughnuts from Crane’s

Quote of the Day: “If you smile at me, I will understand – That is something everyone everywhere does in the same language.” –CSNY

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