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Lately I’ve been looking for more projects to embark upon, knowing I may not have much time come fall.  I was inspired by this project from simplemom.net so I decided to pick up some decoupaging supplies at Jo-Ann Fabrics (note, never go here or to Michael’s without a coupon that can be found every Sunday in the paper).  I got a blank canvas (on sale!), some Mod Podge, brushes, and pretty paper.  I decided I would make this canvas to go in my bathroom which lacks any decoration.  I also got a cardboard “E” to decoupage as well.  I have completed 4 projects so far, all of them are super easy and look great.  Who knew you could use decoupage to create hip artwork instead of just collages of images from Teen Heartthrob and Tiger Beat magazines?!  You can create these too– all you need to do is know how to cut and glue!  Plus, this is a very recession friendly way to decorate!  Plus you’ll have original items no one else has!!  My favorite!

Below is my canvas.  All I did was take scrap-booking paper, cut it in circles (using a candle holder as a stencil; they’re not perfect but what is…), and arranged it on the canvas in an order I liked.  Then I mod-podged each circle on, and covered it with a final layer of mod-podge.  Next time I will paint the canvas first but I didn’t have any paint this tim042e around!
































I wanted to make something using the images from the Rider-Waite Tarot card deck because I love them.  So, I used Google Images and printed out some of my favorite.  I didn’t know what to put them on, but I decided on a cross since 1) I like crosses and 2) that would be sweet combining the pagan imagery with a traditional Christian symbol.  I don’t recommend decoupaging over printed images as they kind of fade, but this worked out ok.  I made the cross out of an old cardboard box I had, and I like that it is imperfect.












This is my cardboard E:












And, a picture frame (the pic is hidden to respect my mate’s privacy):









So I’m on a decoupaging tear!  This is my next project– I already found an awesome window at an antique store for $10.  There are so many great ideas I have and scouring Goodwill and Salvation Army for items to decoupage (mirrors, picture frames, small pieces of furniture, etc.) will ensure I keep this a low cost hobby!

Pet Peeve of the Day: When there is a line in the ladies room, and I go into the next available stall only to find there is no toilet paper.  The lady (bitch) who just came out knows I will be using that stall next… where’s the heads up??? 

Quote of the Day: “Be as sick as you want, just give me a goddamn bass line!” –Eric Cartman

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