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I love baseball and I love going to baseball games.  When I go, I always keep score (unless I’m sitting in the bleachers, because that’s more of a straight up boozing time).  Keeping score keeps me involved in the game, and I like looking back on what has happened throughout the game.  For instance I will say, this guy is 0-3 so he’s due for a hit; or wow, the Cubs suck because the Pirates pitcher who is hitting .109 just hit a home run off Carlos Zambrano.  Stuff like that.  On the scorecard I list the players name, number, and batting average.  My mom taught me how to keep score and she always added the batting average so I got that from her.  This is not a common practice and I don’t know why not– it’s vital information! 

I always keep every score card, and my dad and I joke that we will send them to Cooperstown one day.  At the end of a season, I usually have around 30 – 40 scorecards.  I like to look back through them, it’s like looking at a picture book– it helps you remember some things you may have forgotten.  Sometimes it’s a great game, a horrible game, or a funny quote you wrote down that you forgot about.  It’s just another slice of my personal history that I like to hang on to.

When I think of all the scorecards I have kept in the past 10+ years, 2 immediately come to mind.  I was at Game 6 in 2003 (if you’re a Cubs fan you need no further explanation, if you’re not, it’s the “Bartman” game), and I kept score.  I was still living with my parents then so the card is somewhere in their house.  I have not seen it in years and it is my sole mission to locate this 013(although if you could see all the crap in their basement you would know this is not an easy task).  I can picture the top of the 8th inning on my scorecard, all those little diamonds filled in…  dreadful.  I think I want to find this card because I still don’t believe that really happened.

The second card is more recent– one I kept last summer which now hangs framed on my wall (see pic).  It was Rich Harden’s first game pitching as a Chicago Cub.  I was there with Biggie and Harden pitched a great game, but our bullpen blew it.  The game went in to extras and Biggie and I, irate,  left to go to the bar.  Later after the game, we were walking by Wrigley and a group of people were congregated by the players parking lot.  Biggie said it was Rich Harden they were getting autographs from.  I’m not big on autographs but I dashed over there and shoved my way to the front of the crowd.  I thrust my scorecard in front of everybody elses baseballs and scraps of paper.  I said “Rich, you pitched an awesome game, you should have gotten the win.”  He grabbed my scorecard, signed it, smiled, said thanks, then walked away leaving many fans disappointed, and angry with me!  A shining example of how it pays to be awesome!  So I have a scorecard of Rich Harden’s Cub debut signed by Rich Harden.  In baseball memorabilia, I think this could be a pretty important thing.  So if I ever need some money, I could throw it on eBay.  But who am I kidding, I would never do that. 

Keeping score is fairly easy, but at the beginning of each season I am usually a little rusty.  It’s kind of like riding a bike I guess.  A really fucking sweet bike with a basket, bell, the works.  Americana if you will.  I urge you to try and keep score at the next game you go to.  Or, invite me and I’ll personally help you learn! 

Pet Peeve of the Day: People who don’t let others off the bus/train first.  Did I already do this one?  Whatever, it’s worthy of duplication.

Quote of the Day: “City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile.” –The Eagles

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