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My love of this delicious beer does not stop at the crisp, smooth taste.  The ads below, some vintage, some new, are all awesome and help further my love.

high life3
















My dream is to be the High Life girl for Halloween but arranging a costume has been a pretty big roadblock.  I even have the plans hatched out to glue a slivered moon to my back.  So let me know if you have a big red dress, cuz I’ll buy it off you.


















If these people aren’t living the high life, I don’t know who is!




























Actually my dad can rock a popped collar like nobody’s business!  Cuz he’s old school and awesome like that!

high lifexmas















Truly a beer for all seasons!

highlife guy










How do you not love this guy?!!

Pet Peeve of the Day: Pabst Blue Ribbon.  GROSS.  And I’m not a hipster nor do I strive to be one. 

Quote of the Day: “I ain’t waitin for the world to change – gonna change the world for you.” –DMB

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  1. stantly on 2009.08.17

    PBR is the blue ribbon winner of beers. In case you didn’t know, the blue ribbons are given to 1st place winners.

  2. Tim C on 2009.08.17

    Been a while since I’ve lived the High Life but it is a tasty brew.

  3. Mary Ann McCaffrey on 2009.08.17

    I thought your favorite beer was Rolling Rock? Ha Ha. I know you miss me being your bartender. As for the dress, start thrift store shopping. You’re bound to find something. This will be an awesome costume, especially for you b/c you will know how to play it just right.

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