872?! F U!

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Nooooooo.  Just when I was starting to adjust to the 15+ year old 773, Chicago has announced we will be getting a new area code: 872.  That’s right my friends, Marshall Field’s is now Macy’s, the Sears Tower is now Willis Tower, and here comes 872.  RICHIE!  What is our fine city coming to??  Do you really think we are going to get the Olympics at this rate? 

If you think I’m just going to accept this 872 code, you have another thing coming.  I imagine a scene down the road where I meet a really hot, awesome guy.  He gives me his number and it is 872-555-1111.  Guess what amazingly awesome dude who loves the Cubs/Bears/Chesney/the beach/Klinker/Kerouac/Goldschlagger/snow/Chicago, I will NEVER call you. 

I abhor taking calls from 847, 708, and 630 area codes (all suburban), and now I’ll have yet another area code to blacklist.  I do love raging though, so I guess I can thank the telephone Gods for that.  See, there always is a silver lining!

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