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Perhaps this is no longer a possession as I’m pretty sure it now wears me.  This toe ring is on my right foot, third toe (see pic).  It used to have a friend on my second toe but that slipped off in Lake Michigan about 6 years ago.  I have no c063lue how long this ring has been on my toe but I am guessing it is upwards of eight years.  It stays on my toe.  All year long.  I do not take it off.  I have not taken it off.  I am now scared to take it off. 

I know that it has not melded to my toe because I can move it around.  But I definitely do not want to see what the skin underneath is like.  Manicurists have tried to take it off to “make me more comfortable” and I quickly have to stop them.  I cannot feel it on my toe; it doesn’t bother me, it’s more like a tattoo now.

If I could recall where I purchased this ring, I would give them knuckles for selling me a durable, presumably affordable product.  This ring has been jammed into runners, dress shoes, and snow boots.  I have walked barefoot through sand, rocks, dirt and grass for more miles than a city girl should.  The ring has not tarnished or rusted so I know I’m dealing with some real .925 shit, which is good because I also don’t recall the last time I had a tetanus shot.

Perhaps everything would be normal and fine if I remove it, who knows.  But I fear that if I take this ring off, my toe will fall off.  Do you remember the scary story you heard as a kid?  The one about the green ribbon around that lady’s neck?  When she took the ribbon off after years of questions about it, her head fell off!!  Lesson learned on that one– the ring stays on. 

Pet Peeve of the Day: Trustafarians

Quote of the Day: “Well the fact that I’m still breathing means that I must have survived and that I lived to go out with my friends again tonight – oh we went out last night.”  –Kenny Chesney

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  1. Amanda on 2009.08.12

    AHHH just found your blog, love it! I HATED that story about that woman with the green ribbon. I didn’t know anyone else KNEW that story, I just thought it was a creepy book my grandma had… ugh, gives me the willies just thinking about it! but props to the toe ring. i had a ring (finger ring) that i didn’t take off since i got it at disney world in 6th grade and I had to remove it for a dance competition in college and I lost it. Sad but true. So don’t take it off!

  2. Es on 2009.08.12

    Haha glad you like the blog Amanda, thanks! That’s a sad story about your ring– I’ve actually been worried this one will slip off in the lake like the other. I would be devastated!!

  3. claire on 2009.08.12

    i LOVED/HATED the green ribbon story. it freaked me the fuck out, yet i kept going back to it.

    PS Philles 13-2

  4. Matty on 2009.08.14

    Great post.

  5. Natalie Herzberg on 2010.10.09

    I love toe rings. I always wear 3 of them, but I do have a bunch that I change so you’ll never see me without one. That’s pretty amazing that yours has lasted so long! especially if you’ve walked barefoot with it. Many of my toe rings don’t last because I like going barefoot.
    Gorgeous french pedi, btw!


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