Trivia Tuesday’s

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Trivia is just another form of random shit, so you know I love it.  Useless knowledge can help you impress people, or win shots at a bar.  It’s win-win all around.  So try your hand at these questions…. NO GOOGLING!!!  I’ll post the answers in the comments section later today…

1) What is the only sport where neither the spectators nor the participants know the score until the game is over? 

2) There are only three common words in the English language that start with “Dw,” name them.

3) Name the U.S. states with only 4 letters used in their name.

4) How many push-ups do young female recruits have to do in two minutes to pass U.S. Army basic training?  How about their male counterparts?

5) What is the only country in the Middle East that does not have a desert?

Things I Live For: I just discovered Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List… shit is fucking JOKES

Quote of the Day: “I think he let me down when he didn’t disappoint me.” –Fiona Apple

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