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So there’s this man-child who swears his name is Stephen, but we really know it’s Bama.  I really can’t explain him… so gather what you might from the list of things I’ve learned from him:

How to shotgun a beer.

Never date someone with divorced parents.

Don’t buy “acid” (a.k.a. a piece of college ruled notebook paper) from a homeless man.  (Actually I already knew that one).

What a real deadhead looks like.

NoDoz is only meant to be swallowed.  Likewise with Vicodin.

You can get placed in custody for sitting on the hood of a car. 

House beers don’t count. (Roadies do count).

Never call an Asian wearing a red and white striped shirt a candy cane.  No matter how festive you feel.

How to use cruise control.

If you want to be a good person, do the opposite of whatever he does.

I love you Bama!

Things I Live For: Bama’s sensitive eyes, bomber jacket, and sick dance moves, the fact that Bama still listens to Q101 (alt rock for those outside Chi)

Quote of the Day: “Is it for the turkey?” –Bama

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