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I love flags.  Whenever I travel, I do my best to find the local flag to bring back.  Likewise when family and friends visit places, they know the only souvenir I want is a flag.  Some I have acquired by purchasing here in the States, i.e. my Jordan flag.  I was at a festival and this man had a whole display of various flags for sale.  I wanted a flag from the Middle East and was looking for Iraq.  He did not have it so I settled on Jordan.  (This is likely the only way I will obtain Middle Eastern flags as it is not on my list of desired destinations…)

chiflagOne of my favorite flags is obviously the flag for the City of Chicago.  A large one hangs a wall in my house.  While I enjoy large flags, they are not as easy to display as the little handheld ones, thus I prefer those.  But for Chicago, you know I would glady make an exception.

Another favorite is my Amsterdam flag.  The reason this is a fave are twofold.  One, I love the colors and design.  Two, obtaining this flag almost did not happen.  I had amsterdamflaglooked low and high (holla!) while in Amsterdam for this flag.  I saw it flying everywhere, and on t-shirts– but no flags for purchase.  Finally, when Biggie and I finally found our tour bus after frantically trying to locate it (the time we almost missed the bus Part 1) there was a shop right there that had flags galore.  I dashed in, tossed the lady some euros, got on the bus, and happily fell asleep.

I don’t stop at flags from actual places.  For example, I have 2 sets of banner style flags that I proudly fly: Tibetan Prayer flags and Jolly Roger Pirate flags.  Obviously tibetanflagsI fly the pirate flags to warn landlubbers what they are in for.  The Tibetan Prayer flags have set meanings which I love: “Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to ‘gods,’ a common misconception, rather the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all.

The flags I fly to let people know how I roll (i.e. my heritage) are the American flag and the flags of Germany and the U.K.: germany


I particularly cherish my U.K. flag because it is from my late grandmother who came over to the States from Wales.

Other flags I own that round out my collection are: Turkey (a gift from my parents), Spain, and U.S. Virgin Islands:







vi flag

I enjoy all the flags I own because of their history (which I won’t go into here since you have access to Wikipedia as well), their design, and what they mean to me, whether it is a time I had visiting that place or another reason I love it (sometimes just the design!) 

Flags on my wish-list are: Australia, the State of California, Conch Republic, France and Greece.  Why I don’t have the latter 2 is curious to me, as I as well as friends and family have spent time there.  I guess that is what the internet is for!  (Note: I am not picky about my flags– they do not have to come directly from the place they represent!)  So the next time you’re on a trip (or the internet) and you need a present for me… think flags! 

Do you have a favorite flag????

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Quote of the Day: “There ought to be a law against you comin’ around — you should be made to wear earphones.” –Bob Dylan

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