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Well, not so much a possession as an equal.  Anyway, this is my cat.  (Please leave all your “crazy cat lady” prejudices at the “door”).  I adopted Klinker about 5 years ago when she was a kitten.  My old family cat Cocoa who was living with me died of old age, and I lasted a week before I couldn’t stand a home without a cat anymore.  There was no one left to talk to anymore!

So I scoured CraigsList for kittens and found this family of calico kittens– all with beautiful markings, (I had my eye on this cute little black/white/brown kitten).  I met the lady who was fostering them at a PetsMart, but when I got there, other people were holding the 5 or so calico cats.  There was a little all-grey one in a box on the floor that no one seemed interested in.  Realizing that 037this was the “runt,” that no one wanted her, and that she was different, I immediately knew I had to have her.  So I scooped her up and took her home with me that night!

I was toying around with a few names– I really wanted a pirate themed name.  But then it came to me that I had to name her Klinker.  This was the name of a cat in one of my favorite books that my dad would read to me as a kid: Big Bad Bruce. (Seriously, pick up the book, it’s freakin’ awesome). 

I love Klinker because she truly is “my cat.”  She is the first animal I have had on my own and raised.  She is loyal to a fault– my friends get hissed at and bitten when they come over, but she likes me and that’s all that matters!  Having grown up with cats, I got her knowing I would be investing in her for at least 10 or 15 years (God willing).  She is full of cuteness and silliness; I have never doubted that she was the cat I was meant to have.


Pet Peeve of the Day: Drivers who don’t use turn signals

Quote of the Day: “Being crazy is the least of my worries.” –Jack Kerouac

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