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I told you Summerfest was perfect for people watching.  Little did I know that said people would be wearing ridiculous t-shirts.  For most of them I was just like WTF, but some were knuckle worthy cuz you know I enjoy a good t-shirt.

“I Beat Anorexia” –Worn by a fat old guy.  I thought this was hilarious at first but as a chick later came to my senses. 

“I’m Right 97% of the time – Who cares about the other 4%?”  –Points for cleverness and making me do a double take in my champagne stupor.

“At Least I Know Where I Got My Crabs From” –This was from some seafood restaurant shirt but still… really?

“I’m Not Fat, I’m Knocked Up” –Worn by a teenage girl.  Welcome to America.

“Southern By the Grace of God”–This was on a Lynryd Skynyrd t-shirt that was for sale and I wanted one.

“I’m Not Small, I’m Fun Sized” –Lame.  Especially since I’m 6’1″ and pretty much find short people annoying (sorry). 

“Green Shirts Are For Pimps” –(It was a green shirt, obviously)  Worn by a pale, pudgy teenager which is the reason it became funny.  But does he know that’s the reason it’s funny?  Kinda awkward.

And my ABSOLUTE favorite featured this (I am so glad I found the graphic on the internet because it would have been difficult to explain):









Things I Live For: Swearing; Watching Milton Bradley continue to fail

Quote of the Day: “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.” –Mark Twain

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