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(Every Wednesday starting today will be a post about a prized possession of mine until I run out of things that are prized.  Cuz I’m materialistic like that.)

I love hats.  My hair often looks like a shit’s piece and I’m not really and wash and go kind of gal so hats are sometimes necessary for me to get out the door, especially in winter.  Plus, hat parties are my favorite kind of parties.  (You wear awesome hats and take hilarious pictures… hammered drunk).  summer 065Especially when hosted by my boy Teej… he’ll even bust out the vintage hats!

My absolute favorite hat is my furry Bears hat.  I got this about 4 or 5 years ago and I wear it every Bears Sunday (except September games cuz it’s usually too hot).  I wear it whether I’m going to the game, watching it at a bar, or watching at home.  People always ask me where I got it and I’m shocked that it hasn’t become more popular (i.e. for sale in every Bears store).  I got it on summer 067eBay so that’s where I always tell people to go.  Plus, I got a little slice of styrofoam cheese with my hat!  It was in the Bears mouth when it arrived; so awesome.  (Packers aka “Cheeseheads” are our rivals for the NFL illiterate).

My second favorite hat is one I rarely wear anymore because it’s soooo old and pretty dirty.  It is a camoflague trucker hat with a skull and crossbones.  Pretty much a hat that was made for me.  It’s 7 years old and I’m sure I could replace it but it just wouldn’t be the same.  And my mom yells at me for wearing it… guess it’s not so lady-like or age appropriate these days.  She must think I care what people think…

And rounding out the rest of the collection is a bright orange camo hat I got many moons ago on my 21st birthday from Matty.  He even added some awesome pins to it that say: “If you don’t like my attitude quit talking to me” and “Criticism: Just one more service I offer.”  Legendary.  I also have a summer 068camo hunting hat lined with rabbit fur (hi PETA!) that helps me survive Chicago winters. 

The latest addition to my collection is my Captain’s hat.  I have had my eye on this hat for a few months now but I have been hesitant to pull the trigger due to prices I was seeing online.  But I found this one on a trip to a party store with my mom for only six bucks!  Since most of my hats are winter hats, I’m jacked as hell to bust this one out this summer!

Oh, and the chicken hat is Klinker’s.  She has a small hat collection.

Pet Peeve of the Day: People who don’t let others get off the bus/train before getting on

Quote of the Day: “I suppose… the need to focus never arose.” –Jimmy Buffett

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