Michael Keaton

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batman2That’s right, I have obsessions with weird actors.  And in my opinion, underrated actors!

Michael Keaton is probably my favorite because he is in most of the movies that are my absolute favorites (if you are looking for reviews you will not find them here):

batman1) Batman: He is THE Batman.  Do not argue with me, you will fail.  I hate action/sci-fi/fantasy/etc. movies but for some reason I’m obsessed with Batman movies.  This is the best one.  The second best one?  Batman Returns.  All others pale in comparison. 

2) Jackie Brown: I am not a Tarantino fan (i.e. I have never seen Pulp jackiebrownFiction), but this movie is LEGENDARY.  Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, that crazy guy who plays Max Cherry, Robert DeNiro, Bridget Fonda, and….Michael Keaton!  He plays the cop that tries to get on Jackie’s (Grier’s) side when she is busted for running various jobs for Ordell (Jackson) as a flight attendant.  I would like this movie without Keaton, but he is the icing on the cake! 

3) Out of Sight: By now you can tell I love an ensemble-ish cast.  This one includes: George Clooney (almost overshadowed by Keaton), J. Lo, Don Cheadle (another fave), and Keaton as a cop… again.  He may not have had range in the late 90’s, but he plays a damn good cop!

beetlejuice4) Beetle Juice:Soooooo freakin good.  Plus Alec Baldwin is in it!




Stay tuned for the Kevin Costner installment!!

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