Favorite Comedians

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I can’t say I have watched a lot of stand-up comedy in my day, but the ones I have seen are freakin’ hilarious.  Recently I was introduced to my new fave, Daniel Tosh (thanks Ronnie!)  Read about my fave five below:

1) Lisa Lampanelli: The self described “Queen of Mean.”  I first saw her on various Comedy Central roasts, then saw some of her stand-up.  She’s pretty hardcore… hardcore awesome!  She pretty much provided me with my tagline: “I am feminine as shit, bitch!”  Haha I love it, just says it all!

2) Daniel Tosh: Hilarity.  And pretty cute for a standup comic! (At 5:00 minutes is my fave part)

3) Mitch Hedberg: (R.I.P.) You already know about my love of Mitch Hedberg.

  • “My roommate said to me, ‘I’m gonna go shave and use the shower; does anyone need to use the bathroom?’ It’s like some weird ass quiz where he reveals the answer first.”
  • “I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.”
  • “This shirt is ‘dry-clean only’…which means it’s dirty.”
  • “I saw this commercial on late night TV, it was for this thing you attach to a garden hose, it was like ‘You can water your hard-to-reach plants with this product.’ Who the fuck would make their plants hard to reach? That seems so very mean. ‘I know you need water, but I’m gonna make you hard to reach! I will throw water at you. Hopefully they will invent a product before you shrivel and die! Think like a cactus!’ So it said, ‘You can have this product for four easy payments of 19.95.’ I want a product for three easy payments, and one fuckin’ complicated payment! We can’t tell you which one, but one of those payments is gonna be a bitch. The mailman will get shot to death, the envelope will not seal, and the stamp will be in the wrong denomination; good luck, fucker! That last payments has to be paid in wampum!

4) Arj Barker: Shoe-seum… gets me every time. 

Comedy Central Presents Friday 10pm / 9c
Arj Barker – Shoe-seum


Arj Barker – American Pride
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games


5) Steve Martin: A classic.

Things I Live For: Hissing at rude strangers; temporary tattoos

Quote of the Day: “I gave my cat a bath the other day… they love it.  He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me.  The fur would stick to my tongue, but other than that…” –Steve Martin

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