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Three of my favorite things in this world are cameos, covers, and Tom Petty.  Kenny Chesney hit that trifecta this past weekend, leading me to avow that that was the best concert I have ever been to.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because the chenseypirateawesomeness really started 24 hours before the show.  Biggie and I went to the Cubs game on Friday afternoon and I mentioned beforehand how awesome it would be if Chesney was the “guest coductor” for the 7th inning stretch.  Turns out… he was!  Check.  Then, the guy sitting next to me who is convinced my name is Elsie (pretty much everyone out there thinks that’s my name…sweet) told us that Chesney’s tour bus was parked in Wrigleyville.  Biggie and I decided to make it our mission to find what bar Chesney was partying at after the game.

His bus was parked outside the Wild Hare.  A quick sweep of that bar, and no Chesney.  So despite out morals, we ventured into Sluggers, Cubby Bear, and Murphy’s.  No Chesney.  But I did take a picture of me with his tour bus and I opened the door to it but unfortunately Biggie stopped me from walking onto it.  Which is probably for the better, because I certainly didn’t want to spend Saturday night in the clink. 

It was spent instead, at Soldier Field!  There were a whole bunch of bands playing before him so we just tailgated in the parking lot until a little before Chesney went on.  The crowd provided some excellent people watching– it was definitely a diverse group, lots of young people.  Suburban. 

So we eventually made our way into the show.  From the moment Chesney chesneytook the stage (via a little chair lift thing that hovered above the crowd), he rocked all night.  He played all the jams, and it was super high energy and exciting.  Plus, from the seats we had, we were able to see Navy Pier’s weekly firework show during Chesney’s set. 

So, as to the cameo– Ryan Dempster came on during “Back Where I Come From.”  Legendary.  You could tell there were a lot of Sox fans in the stadium…  I think their inferiority complex was taken to a new level at that moment.

The covers– Chesney left before the encore for maybe 2 seconds.  He came back and played the Eagles “Take it Easy,” SMB’s “The Joker” (did not smell any pot the whole time during this show… go figure…) Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”!!!  Marley’s “Three Little Birds”  and Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good.”  I should note that a lot of the fans had no idea what these songs were, which was pretty weak. 

But all in all, it was an awesome show, an awesome Chesney filled weekend.  If you want to have as awesome time as I did, step one would be to start listening to some Chesney.  May I suggest: “When the Sun Goes Down” “Beer in Mexico” “I Go Back” “Young” “Back Where I Come From.” Just pick up “Kenny Chesney LIVE!” and you’ll have everything you need to be awesome on that CD.  Next up is Summerfest and I can’t wait to see him again.  If I were you I’d get your tickets ASAP.

(You’re welcome Nibbles).

Pet Peeve of the Day: My failure to get posts up

Quote of the Day: “Have no fear of perfection.  You’ll never reach it.” –Salvador Dali

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  1. Rush on 2009.06.15

    wow, that was insanely quick, very impressive.

  2. Es on 2009.06.15

    What can I say, I’m a professional.

  3. The Surly One on 2009.06.15

    “I think their inferiority complex was taken to a new level at that moment.” <—- Ouch, darlin’!

  4. Lena on 2009.06.16

    I must say i am jealous that i missed out on this concert… but i am glad i have at least one person i know who can appreciate some country with me.

  5. Daniela on 2009.06.16

    Sounds like a blast…I Go Back is personally my favorite song!

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