Summer Jams

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I’m getting a little worried — we’re almost halfway through June and I still don’t have one Summer 2009 jam yet!  You know, the song you hear in the future that will forever remind you of “Summer 2009.”  Usually it’s a pop song that’s on every radio station.  But sometimes it can be a song you recently discovered that just reminds you of a certain summer.  (For example, I have a summer jam circa 2000: “Hide Your Love Away” by the Beatles.  Certainly not a new song.  And certainly not a story that is going to be explained here!)

Anyway, last year I had my song locked in by Memorial Day.  “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock.  Quintessential summer jam.  Maybe I haven’t listened to enough radio this year or watched MTV for all the hot new music videos that they’re forever playing.  Whatever it is, I need to find my song(s) fast!  Do you have your summer 2009 jam yet?  Because I apparently need to be pointed in the right direction this year!

Some of my past favorite summer jams are (wow, lots of one hit wonders here!):

  • 1996: “How Bizarre” OMC
  • 1998: “Still Not a Player” Big Pun (RIP)
  • 1999: “Summer Girls” LFO (Unfortunately I haven’t heard this one since 1999!!)
  • 2005: “Without Me” Eminem
  • 2006: “Summer of ’69” Bryan Adams (it’s an Aussie thing) 

And finally, a timeless summer song that will ALWAYS be in my summer jam rotation: “Boys of Summer” by Don Henley.

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Quote of the Day: “Like sitting on pins and needles; things fall apart, it’s scientific” –Talking Heads

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