Jeff Goldblum

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goldblumIt has previously been established that I am a Law & Order: Criminal Intentfan.  This is largely due to Vincent D’Onofrio and I was not happy when they started switching off investigative teams every other week.  BUT, this season they brought in Jeff Goldblum and I could not be happier!  Jeff Goldblum is one of my all time favorite actors, despite my dislike of watching movies.  The following is a list of his roles that are favorites of mine:

Sean, Nine Months: This is one of the greatest movies known to man!  Sean is the single, womanizing friend of Hugh Grant’s character.  He rollerblades, (a lot, and in spandex), and has his ear pierced.  Legendary.

Seth Brundle aka Brundle-Fly, The Fly: Another legend.  A scientist steps into his morphing machine and a fly accidentally is hovering around so Seth gets turned into a fly.  Despite its ’80’s cheesiness, the movie is quite scary and gross.  How Jeff Goldblum did not win an Oscar for this role blows my mind.  They even made a sequel!

Dr. Ken Waller, Space the Infinite Frontier, SNL: Really this is all about Will Ferrell but come on, Will Ferrell (as Harry Caray!) and Jeff Goldblum in the same skit… GOLDEN.  I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m still pretty sure Ferrell went off script and Goldblum just rolled with it… what do you think?  I couldn’t embed the vid so check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haAhdtDmsOw (no idea why it has Spanish subtitles but it’s the only one I found).

Zach Nichols, Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Quirky, odd, weird… Jeff Goldblum as he is the best!

You are probably wondering, what about Jurassic Park or Independence Day?  Well, I haven’t seen those.  Should I?  Are they Goldblum-ific?!

Also, it appears I’m not the only crazy one obsessed with J-Gold (PLEASE turn your volume on for this one!):

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